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About TravelGlo

At TravelGlo, we take you on affordable trips where you can live in the now. We handle the planning, so you can unlock a sense of freedom and surprise. Travel along revealing routes and railways, where the journey becomes part of the destination.

A Different Way To Travel

View of a red train traveling past green mountains along the curved train track, Switzerland

Why Rail Touring?

There's no easier way to travel than by rail. Skip the road traffic and arrive in the heart of each destination. Stretch out, enjoy refreshments and strike up a conversation with your fellow travellers.

View of a couple sitting by a fountain taking a selfie, italy

Your Freedom, Your Adventure

Our TravelGlo trips are built with balance. We ensure the right amount of free time is also included to explore on your own. It's about your interests and passions. After all, it's your holiday.

The vibrant and colourful wharf Bergen, Norway

The Perfect Partnership

TravelGlo partners with award-winning Rail Discoveries to offer you these trips. With 120 years of combined experience, together, we’ll make your holiday dreams a reality.

All The Essentials

Experience Europe without breaking the bank. Travel to your favorite destinations or discover some place new as you travel by rail with TravelGlo. Here's what to expect:

  • Free time to explore without missing all the must-see sights
  • All breakfasts included as well as some three-course dinners
  • Hand-picked 3 and 4-star accommodation to ensure a comfortable stay
  • Offering 8 tours throughout Europe on both steam and modern rail
  • Economy rail and coach transportation included as well as group airport transfers
  • Friendly tour manager and local guides, plus tips to take you off the beaten track

Part of the APT Travel Group

Proudly owned and run by the McGeary Family, the APT Travel Group has more than 90 years of travel industry experience. We are Australia's largest locally-owned and most-awarded tour company.

Part of the APT Travel Group